About Megan

Megan McDermott is a poet and Episcopal priest living in Western Massachusetts. She writes about faith, women in Scripture, purity culture baggage, relationships, and more.

She is the author of Jesus Merch: A Catalog in Poems, available now from Fernwood Press, Bookshop.org, Amazon, or your fav indie/small bookstore that would be happy to order it for you! (Request your library carry Jesus Merch if that’s the most accessible way for you to read it! I love libraries!)

She is also the author of two chapbooks: Prayer Book for Contemporary Dating, available from Ethel Zine and Micro-Press, and Woman as Communion, available from Game Over Books.

Megan’s poems have appeared in a variety of publications, including The Christian Century, Rust + Moth, Rogue Agent Journal, Relief: A Journal of Art & Faith, and The Cresset.

She is also a poetry reader for one of her favorite online lit journals, Psaltery & Lyre.

Please look around the site to read some of Megan’s work and find out how to get in touch further!


You can email me at contact@meganmcdermottpoet.com

Find me on Twitter @megmcdermott92