More about Megan

Let’s break the third-person narration for a second!

I’d love to share with you a bit more about me.

Currently I live in Western Massachusetts where I serve as a parish priest at an Episcopal church. I was ordained a priest at age 26 so trying to navigate the weird wonderfulness of being a young clergywoman is now a part of my life.

In my spare time, I work on poetry, which I’ve been writing earnestly since college. In a post-Covid world, I hope to get involved in the local poetry scene once again.

When I’m not doing something priestly or poetic, you might find me watching mindless television (I’d love to do a Bachelor/ette-inspired poetry collection at some point), drinking tea, hula hooping, or getting too worked up about something I’ve read on Twitter.

In 2018, I graduated from Yale Divinity School. In addition to earning a Master’s of Divinity degree and a diploma in Anglican Studies, I also graduated with a certificate from the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale. The ISM, as it’s known, is not only for musicians, but is a program for anyone dedicated to religion and the arts.

I first studied religion and the arts together as an undergraduate at Susquehanna University, located in my home state of Pennsylvania. I entered college as a Creative Writing major set on being a published novelist by the time I graduated and left a Creative Writing-Religious Studies double major with passions for poetry and preaching.

I’ve been so happy the past few years that my writing has found a home in publications that make space for faith and art to converse….and at quite a few publications that aren’t explicitly interested in that, but open to my work! I hope to have much more poetry to share with you all in the years ahead.
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