More about Megan

Let’s break the third-person narration for a second!

I’d love to share with you a bit more about me.

Currently I live in Western Massachusetts where I serve as a parish priest at an Episcopal church. I was ordained a priest at age 26 so trying to navigate the weird wonderfulness of being a young clergywoman is now a part of my life.

In my spare time, I work on poetry, which I’ve been writing earnestly since college. When I’m not doing something priestly or poetic, you might find me watching mindless television (I’d love to do a Bachelor/ette-inspired poetry collection at some point), drinking tea, going to an improv or stand up comedy class, hula hooping, or getting too worked up about something I’ve read on Twitter.

In 2018, I graduated from Yale Divinity School. In addition to earning a Master’s of Divinity degree and a diploma in Anglican Studies, I also graduated with a certificate from the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale. The ISM, as it’s known, is not only for musicians, but is a program for anyone dedicated to religion and the arts.

I first studied religion and the arts together as an undergraduate at Susquehanna University, located in my home state of Pennsylvania. I entered college as a Creative Writing major set on being a published novelist by the time I graduated and left a Creative Writing-Religious Studies double major with passions for poetry and preaching.

I’ve been so happy the past few years that my writing has found a home in publications that make space for faith and art to converse….and at quite a few publications that aren’t explicitly interested in that, but open to my work! I hope to have much more poetry to share with you all in the years ahead.

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