Published Poems


“The First Wife on Her Husband’s Wedding Day,” “Every Other Night: A Second Wife’s Story,” & “‘The Principle'”
Freezeray Poetry


“Dear Ruth, In the Midst of Appreciating My Friends and Also Feeling Lonely,” “That Week in 2014 When I Was Told I Had to Approve of God’s Actions in Genesis Chapter 16 During Bible Camp,” “Preacher says (on 1 Samuel 1),” “Poet says (on 1 Samuel 1),” “Preacher says (on Genesis 18),” & “Poet says (on Genesis 18”
UCity Review

“The Third Wife” & “Dear Ruth, Written on Halloween While Watching Teen Wolf
Trampoline Poetry

“From Ruth, To a Woman at a Crossroads Moment”
Moist Poetry Journal

“Dear Ruth, Written From a Crossroads Moment”
Psaltery & Lyre

“Subjects for Ignatian Meditation on Matthew 17”
Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality

“Faith Arrow Sign – $11.09”
Rogue Agent Journal


Sledgehammer Lit

“What I Imagine When I See A Christian Publisher Advertise a Book Called Sexless in the City
Sledgehammer Lit

“Vintage Bible Battles Card Game – 1970s”
Stirring: A Literary Collection

“The First Wife”
FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art

“Jesus’ Miracles’ Mystery Scratch N’ Reveal Cards – $9.49”
Thimble Literary Magazine

“Upright Tower*”
EcoTheo Review

“Let’s Be Christian Soldiers: Activity and Coloring Book – 1950s”
Moist Poetry Journal

“Gratitude Prayer for Internet Creeping” & “Jonah & the Whale Sign Craft Kit – $9.99”
Night Coffee Lit

“Cosmic Latte”
The Lake

“Religious Valentine Conversation Heart Scented Erasers – $3.47”
Miniskirt Magazine

“Double Portion”
Night Heron Barks


“Little Boolievers Mini Playing Cards – $8.39”
8 Poems

“Heavenly Scene Backdrop Banner – $10.37”
Amethyst Review

“Giant Inflatable Whale – $19.59”
Amethyst Review

“A Variety of Christian Pumpkins”
Fare Forward

“Prayer Book for Contemporary Dating: The Index”
Sad Girl Review (on p. 82)

“2020 Religious Water Color Wall Calendar – $1.07”
Neologism Poetry Journal

“Plush Autograph Cross – $4.39” & “Kid’s Prayer Boredom Buster Kit – $39.99”
Earth & Altar

“Jesus Has a Pizza My Heart Notepads – $7.19” & “Fantastic Faith Tattoos – $2.57”
Earth & Altar

“A Kiss Named ‘Yes, I Really Was That Old'”
Gyroscope Review (on p. 18)

“To Adam”
Earth & Altar

“Some obscure fact”
The Christian Century


“Blessing of the Profiles”
Rust + Moth

“Christ-Dreams: Labor”
Psaltery & Lyre

“Saturday Night Communion, Senior Year of College”
Rogue Agent Journal


“Lauren Downington’s Doubts”
Amethyst Review

“Job’s Wife Wants You To Know,” “When David Was Captain of the Football Team,” “Reflection on Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘Temptation of Saint Anthony,” “At Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury, England,” & “Lessons from Canterbury Cathedral”
Episcopal Cafe


“Concerning Her Killing of Sisera”
LETTERS (on p. 12)

The Cresset

Megan’s poetry has also appeared in a number of publications that were only in print. These have included Relief: A Journal of Art and Faith, The Windhover, Rock & Sling: A Journal of Witness, Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry, and Saint Katherine Review.

Work is forthcoming in Fare Forward.

Even more of Megan’s writing – particularly sermons – can be read on her infrequently-updated blog.

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